Yogahari Healing

Yogahari Healing offers healing,  personal growth and spirituality through yoga, counselling and family constellations.

Our yoga classes and workshops are thoughtfully created to help you discover the many layers of the self to reveal your deepest nature. Private counselling and family constellation sessions also encourage you to open up to new ways of seeing and being.

Meeting you where you are at, Yogahari Healing is a safe, supportive and sacred space to explore self-healing and spirituality, for empowerment and purposeful living.

My Journey

In 1996 I attended my first yoga class. It was a class that changed the direction of my life.  

Working as a social worker and counsellor, I began to practice daily and soon discovered yoga’s healing powers. Since my first class all that time ago, yoga has been part of my daily life and I have maintained a dedicated, consistent and loving practice ever since.

Through my yoga classes and private counselling, I aspire to take people on a personal journey to find their inner home. The anchor within us all that expands consciousness, intuition and ultimately self-love.

I began an Iyengar Yoga teacher apprenticeship in 2001 and have completed certification in this method. I have studied with the Iyengar family both in India and Australia and have undertaken further teacher training at the Himalayan Institute in the U.S.A.  I am also a certified Amrit Method Yoga Nidra teacher.  My interest in healing has led me to complete further professional development in trauma aware yoga, yoga for breast cancer and therapeutic wisdom of yoga training with world renowned yoga teacher Doug Keller. 

I also have current registration as a senior teacher, yoga teacher trainer and yoga teacher mentor with Yoga Australia.

Yoga wisdom and practice has supported me through many difficult times in my life and particularly guided me through the profound loss and stillbirth of my first son Ifeanyi. Yoga helps me live life in goodness, self-awareness, self-reflection and trustful surrender. It connects me to spirit, the inter-connection of everything in life and the greatness of the universe.


I am to inspire people to use yoga to connect to a spiritual life and to explore what this personally means for them.

In loving gratitude I would like to acknowledge the ancient seers of yoga who immersed themselves in yoga so that others could also benefit. I would also like to acknowledge my past and current teachers both in Australia and abroad that I have learnt from, either in person or through their teachings and resources.

Baba Muktananda and Gurumayi- Siddha Yoga Lineage, Guruji- otherwise known as B.K.S. Iyengar, Geetaji- Gita Iyengar, Yogi Amrit Desai, Tony Rothberg, Glenn Ceresoli, Mark Gibson, Shari Freidrichson, Sandra Anderson, Rolf Sovik, Kamini Desai, Sally Kempton, Christopher (Hareesh Wallis), Doug Keller and Paul Mueller- Ortega, Kavitha Chinnayian and Dharma Bodhi- my current teacher.

If you are beginning or continuing this profound healing or inner journey to truly know your own greatness, I acknowledge your courageous heart.

In the words of a realized yoga master, “Because you have come to know your Self within yourself, I thank you”. Baba Muktananda