Counselling for NDIS Participants

Cost: $175 per session | 1 hour

I provide in-person, online and telephone sessions. Online sessions are held through Zoom. You don’t need the Zoom App or a Zoom account. You will be sent a Zoom link to attend the session.  All you need is a computer, phone, laptop and internet connection!

For Participants

My business Yogahari Healing is a registered NDIS provider and is approved for providing individual counselling to participants and carers under the support category “Therapeutic Supports”: Item number: 15_043_0128_1_3

I have extensive experience providing therapeutic counselling for people with depression, anxiety, trauma and challenging childhood experiences. I also have experience working with families and difficult family dynamics. I can provide support to women, men and families.

My work includes supporting you achieve your goals towards mental and emotional wellbeing through talking therapy, and psych-somatic therapy. Together we can explore new ways for managing and improving your experience of anxiety, depression, trauma, complex childhood experiences, and overwhelm. We do this slowly and at a pace that feels right for you. We may delve into past difficult experiences and memories, and I will guide you through somatic (body movements) techniques to ensure that your nervous system does not go into overwhelm. You will learn mindfulness to manage difficult emotions and thoughts, and breathing and relaxation techniques for calming your mind and nervous system.

If you are interested, I can skillfully weave both western therapeutic approaches with eastern healing techniques and wisdom, and I have found that this is the main reason why NDIS participants like to receive support through my service. 

If you are an NDIS participants please contact me directly as I am able to provide a FREE 30 minute consultation about your support needs. I have experience working with people experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and complex trauma as well as with carers.

For Carers

Over the last few years, I have also been providing counselling to carers, usually who are supporting a child that receives NDIS funding. Parents/carers often access my counseeling services to work through their own support/relationship needs, as they see the positive impact that doing their own work can have on their child. If you are a carers and receive funding for parent education/support and would lke to receive therapeutic counselling to benefit your child, please get in contact. I am also available to provide a FREE 30 minute consultation to carers prior to booking a session.