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Online Counselling

Until further notice and due to Covid-19, I will be providing counselling session online via Zoom.

You don’t need the Zoom App or a Zoom account. You will be sent a Zoom link to attend the counselling session.  All you need is a computer, phone, laptop and internet connection!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Ready to begin healing emotional wounds that keep you from growing and feeling whole and complete? At Yogahari Healing I’m committed and passionate about supporting people open up to new ways of thinking and being.

As a qualified Social Worker and Family Constellation Facilitator, I have been supporting people through personal healing and spiritual growth for over twenty-two years. In my early years I worked in the community sector as a youth and family counsellor and group work facilitator. A few years ago I found the courage to step into private practice and also decided to complete extra training as a qualified Family Constellation facilitator.

My Approach

My approach to counselling/therapy work varies according to what each individual person is seeking and open to. I can draw on purely western approaches to healing the wounded psyche/self and trauma using healing approaches and modalities such as: psycho-dynamic theory, trauma-informed practice, attachment theory, strength-based practice, Family Constellation work and Radical Exposure Tapping.

What makes my work a little unique is that I am also a yoga teacher and can draw on yoga psychology- particularly the Tantrik non-dual system, for people interested in exploring life challenges, traumas and issues from this life perspective. In my years of experience as a therapist, I have witnessed the immense benefits that this adds to helping people create openings for new ways of thinking and being!

I have an interest in supporting people heal from childhood traumas and value working with both women and men, couples and families. My counselling approach is very relational meaning that I place a great deal of importance in building a therapeutic relationship based on trust and safety. At the right time, and given that aspects of my work can be based on Tantrik psychology, you may find me a little challenging, as we work to deconstruct the narrative you have about your self and life, to enable you to see reality as it truly is!

I am also a Registered NDIS Provider (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and can offer supports to NDIS participants and carers. 

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I’m pretty flexible in the way I work and am happy to provide online counselling sessions using a confidential online platform or telephone counselling if you need or prefer it.
I am also happy to provide a free 20-minute consult if you want to explore whether my approach to the therapeutic work is what you are looking for.

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Cost: $165 per hour.

Clients will be charged a 50% cancellation fee made less than 24 hours.