Couple’s Therapy

Cost: $190 per session | 1 hour

I provide in-person, online and telephone sessions. Online sessions are held through Zoom. You don’t need the Zoom App or a Zoom account. You will be sent a Zoom link to attend the session.  All you need is a computer, phone, laptop and internet connection!

Our intimate partner can act as the greatest mirror for our hidden insecurities and wounding as well as our deepest capacity to love another.

So, if you have found yourself on this page, then you are ready to experience yourself and your intimate other in a very different way. Repairing the relationship has begun…..

My therapeutic approach to couple’s therapy is informed by two of the greatest couple’s therapists; Sue Johnson, who developed Emotional Focussed Therapy (EFT) for Couple’s and Ether Perel. And I have a particular interest in helping couples navigate the tumultuous aftermath of an infidelity!

Emotional Focussed Therapy is based on attachment theory and uses attachment and connection to create therapeutic transformation. EFT attempts to find new solutions to old problems and relationship distress is seen as a coping strategy. The approach explores stuck interactional patterns, emotional unavailability and insecure attachment, to reveal how each person protects themselves in the relationship. The therapist supports each person to move beyond their secondary emotions of anger, frustration, helplessness and despair, towards their primary emotions such as sadness, disappointment, fear and longing, where unmet attachment needs live. It requires each person to be with the vulnerability of the other.

Esther Perel’s amazing wisdom on intimacy, desire, sex, eros and infidelity speaks to the complexity of our capacity to love and be loved. Her work empathically enables people to take responsibility for the hurts caused to the other as well as each person’s exiled desires.

Couple’s therapy is a process. It takes time, commitment and above all, courage to touch into our own shadow side and own it completely. But, in the true spirit for connection and love, it’s truly worth it!

The Process
I provide an initial free 20 minute telephone consultation prior to booking any session. During this consultation, it is important that I speak with each person, either separately or together.
Both people attend the initial therapy session together, followed by an individual session for each person. During the individual session, all information that the person discloses is confidential, unless it’s important information for relationship transformation. All subsequent sessions are held together.

Cancellation Policy
Clients will be charged a 100% cancellation fee made less than 24 hours.

Eleni has been wonderful to work with, she completed changed myself and my partners relationship and our mindset towards each other. She has a calming presence and her ability to pick up certain issues is amazing. I would highly recommend Eleni for anyone looking to repair their relationship“.


Excellent rapport established immediately from us………Eleni promotes a very comfortable and engaging style that in turn creates a great space to be able to talk freely without one inch of any judgement being shown. Attentive and very enagaged counsellor with an excellent results driven style“.