Private yoga for healing trauma

Private Yoga for healing trauma are private classes that create a safe space for people to explore yoga for self-healing and empowerment. To get started with private yoga, first you need to book in for an Initial Assessment Session. Book in a session by contacting Eleni directly here:

In this 90-minute session we will talk about your needs and goals for the private sessions. These sessions are also informed by somatic-psychotherapy. Working at your pace, we will have a brief discussion on the following:

-the Window of Tolerance

-fears and hopes about connecting to your body

-exploring body signals and body sensations

-polyvagal mapping -exploring somatic (body) resources such as grounding, containing and centering

A personlised program will then be developed based on what is discussed. A variety of yoga techniques will be considered such as yoga postures, yoga-nidra, breathing techniques and meditation practices. We may also work on crafting a personalised intention for you that will guide your healing journey. Private classes are also available for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice in a personalized environment.

For all bookings or if you prefer to speak to Eleni directly prior to booking an appointment contact her here: 

If you are an NDIS participant and would like to use your funding for private yoga, please visit here