Spiritual Counselling

Cost | $175 | 1hr

I provide both in-person and online sessions. Online sessions are held through Zoom. You don’t need the Zoom App or a Zoom account. You will be sent a Zoom link to attend the session.  All you need is a computer, phone, laptop and internet connection!

Inhabiting our bodies and developing a strong psycho-emotional self is absolutely necessary on the spiritual path of non-dual classical Tantrik Yoga

This life affirming spiritual system, which developed in India, initially as an Oral Practice Tradition, and then later as a Text-based tradition, honours and uses the body, it’s energies and the mind to free us from our limiting karmic patterns, leading to the ultimate fruit of our spiritual journey- a revelation of our essential nature!

In spiritual counselling, we begin by addressing and healing our psycho-emotional wounds, initially through traditional psycho-therapy, and incorporating how non-dual tantra understands and works with the body, the mind and emotions. Sessions then progress to incorporating Tantrik technologies for breaking through karmic conditioning and changing our perception of reality, in order to realise our fullest potential as a human being.

These sessions are appropriate for those who have already addressed past physical and emotional traumas through other healing modalities, including psycho-therapy, but feel there is just that little bit more to heal.

What makes these sessions so profound is that they help people integrate the wounded psyche in order to move beyond healing. We make a huge paradigm shift when our spiritual practice ceases to act as a healing tonic, to then become an essential practice for revealing the true purpose of our human birth.

Spiritual counselling supports you to move past your traumas and social constructs that you have about yourself. Sessions will guide you to reconnect to your inner essence and the truth of existence.

Tat Astu Shivo’ham
May it be So. I am that Essence