Terms & Conditions

When making your booking please choose carefully. There are refund and cancellation conditions that I will be strictly adhering to. I am deeply committed to the yogic path and an experienced yoga teacher and trainer. As a small business owner, I am unable to operate on the same level as large commercial yoga studios. Additionally, class numbers are capped at 13 and you will receive more personalised attention if you are open to it. I am grateful for your full understanding.

Casual 1 Class Pass
You can cancel your booking up to one hour prior to the class commencing. Any cancellation after that are non-refundable.

3 & 5 Class Passes
Please carefully choose your option. When choosing a 3 or 5 class pass it is best to purchase it on the day that you intend to first use it. This is to ensure that you gain full benefit of its validity. Three class passes are valid for 5 weeks and 5 class passes are valid for 7 weeks. You can cancel your class pass up to one hour prior to the class commencing. No refunds will be given after that. No extensions are permitted. If your life/work/family commitments are unpredictable and vary, then please choose the single session option.

Beginners Course
Cancellations are permitted up to 7 days prior to the course commencing. Any cancellations after that are not permitted but you can transfer your booking to a friend or family member.