Family Constellations workshop

Family Constellations Workshop


Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach developed by Bert Hellinger- a Gestalt and Systems Therapist and a Roman Catholic priest, who spent many years in South Africa living with the Zulu people. Family Constellations is a psycho-dynamic and spiritual approach to resolving current problems by looking into family systems and ancestral lines.

In Family Constellations, current problems are perceived as stemming back to entanglements, exclusions (secrets), disorder (e.g. a child carrying a parent emotionally) and traumas that get passed on unconsciously and energetically from previous generations of the family, even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past.

Hidden trans-generational family dynamics that cause emotional entanglements can impact your ability to experience connection, love, peace, acceptance, alignment and abundance in life.

If you have a particular issue that is impacting your life and wellbeing and want to finally release guilt, shame and blame, then family constellation work has the potential to drastically shift things for you.

In Family Constellations we are required us to put aside our own experience of the world and assume an attitude of ‘not knowing’ in order to enter the experience with openness, curiosity and without judgements.

Other workshop participants act as representatives in your family constellation. This means that they will represent different people in your family.

There are two entry points into Family Constellation workshops:

1. Havinging your own personal issue constellated 
2. Acting as a Representative in someone else’s constellation  

How it works.

In Family Constellations, the facilitator creates an open space for whatever needs to come out to come out. It uses a somatic approach and favors a whole body sensing and feeling experience over thinking and analyzing, to uncover hidden dynamics of the unconscious mind and soul.

The facilitator will ask you to briefly describe an issue that is impacting you the most right now. The clearer you are about the issue, the deeper your constellation will go. The facilitator will then ask you to give some information about your current family, family or origin (parents) and both maternal and paternal grandparents. You will be asked about any major traumas in you family line such as death, divorce, migration, war, pregnancy loss and abuse. From the information you have given, the facilitator will decide who will be represented in your constellation.

You will be asked to choose people to represent both your family members and issue. For example if your  current issue is depression, the facilitator will ask you to chose a person to represent yourself, your mother, father, possibly grandparents and depression. You will then be asked to place those people and issue in relationship to yourself. These people are referred to as representatives. The facilitator will then guide the constellation based on feedback given by representatives on what they are feeling in the form of sensations in their body. You will then view your constellation unfold through the representatives. You will be asked to join the constellation when either you feel compelled to or when the facilitator thinks it’s appropriate for you to be included. You can choose to observe the entire constellation, however, it is a more powerful experience when you become part of it.