Family Constellations workshop

Family Constellations Workshop


There are no scheduled workshops for 2019 as I am currently overseas. To keep up to date with our workshops and offerings for 2020, please sign up to my newsletter below.

Uncover hidden transgenerational family dynamics that cause emotional entanglements, family disordering and exclusions. Discover how these dynamics can impact your ability to experience connection, love, peace, acceptance, alignment and abundance in life.
If you have a particular issue that is impacting your life and wellbeing , and want to final release guilt, shame and blame, then this workshop has the potential to drastically shift things for you.
Other workshop participants will act as representatives in your family constellation.

There are two entry points into Family Constellation workshops:

1. Havinging your own personal issue constellated (only 2 places available) – $285
2. Acting as a Representative in someone else’s constellation (unlimited places)– $115

3. Book a Representative ticket with a friend and receive the special offer price of- $180

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