Yoga Quest Philosophy & Meditation Workshop

Yoga Quest was born from a deep love for the spiritual teachings and yoga practices of non-dual Shaiva Tantra and an even deeper yearning to share them with others!


For anyone yearning to explore the deeper wisdom of yoga even if you are new to yoga.

Perfect for yoga teachers and students wanting to expand their understanding of yoga philosophy based on classical non-dual Tantra. Yoga teachers will receive 18 hours continuing professional development points with Yoga Australia.

  • Deepen personal growth and develop insight & spiritual intuition by exploring and applying these ancient teachings.
  • Learn  different meditation practices to develop self-compassion, understanding the mind and releasing it’s social and emotional conditioning, and centering and expanding your awareness.
  • Apply various yoga practices such as pranayama (breath work), asana (postures) to purify the physical and subtle body and release your samskaras (unfinished energy patterns created by life experiences)
  • Learn powerful & heartfelt mantras for invoking the transformative power inherent in your own being to support this personal transformative work
  • Receive beautifully packaged written course material, one meditation recording and one yoga nidra recording as part of the package!

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