About Classes

Yogahari Healing

Receive experienced teaching  at yogahari healing and delve into all aspects of yoga from the physical to the mystical!

You will participate in different yoga practices to varying degrees depending on the class, course or workshop you are attending and openness to the wisdom of yoga.

We teach yoga asana (postures), pranayama (yoga breathing techniques), meditation, yoga nidra (sleep-based meditation practice) and yoga philosophy.

No matter where you are on your yoga journey, we love teaching people the foundational aspects of yoga to the deeper understanding of our true spiritual nature!

Expect rich teaching cues for maximum anatomical alignment and to dynamically hold poses that allow the body to find the pose.

Always with permission from students, you will experience hands on adjustments as well as the use of props for additional support and restoration.

We inspire you to reclaim connection to your spiritual self. The spiritual path teaches that our original nature is pure awareness and unbroken joy. We begin to tap into the power of joy when we become fully aware of what we are feeling in this moment and accept it totally- resisting no part of it!

The more we practice this loving self-awareness, the more complete the experience of pure beingness and joy is, connecting us with the universe of which we are a part and to the spiritual aspect of our being!