Dynamic Hatha Yoga Casual Class

In-person Classes 2021

Classes for 2020 finish on Thursday 17th December.

I’ll be back ready to continue guiding your yoga/spiritual journey on the 4th February 2021. Wishing you all a happy holiday season, a merry christmas if you celebrate it and a fruitful and safe new year!

Hari Om!

Online Dynamic Hatha Yoga
Thursday 6:15pm – 7:45pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Classes are held at Mana Health
130 Plenty Rd, Preston
In this class you will receive experienced teaching and delve into all aspects of yoga from the physical to the spiritual.

My intention for this new Dynamic Hatha Yoga class is to nurture a community of students who are sincere in learning more about yoga and deepening both their asana and spiritual practice based on non-dual Tantra teachings and practices.

This class is for intermediate or more advanced stages of practice as we will regularly delve into inversions, backbends and balancing poses as well as chanting scared mantras, pranayama, meditation and view teachings/contemplations!

Cultivating a healthy and strong body is a necessary aspect of the path so expect rich teaching cues that will help guide you to experience all asanas in their fullness, whilst making space for your individual ability and body type.

And if you are not quite there yet with your asana or spiritual practice, I encourage you to first attend at least three or four beginner courses with me prior to joining this class!

Note: Booking link below!

Payment Options

Please carefully choose your option as I offer limited refunds and do not offer extensions. When choosing a 3 or 5 class pass please note that the valid date starts from the time of the first booking and not the purchase date.

If your life/work/family commitments are unpredictable and vary, then please choose the single session option.

I am deeply committed to the yogic path and an experienced yoga teacher and trainer. As a small business owner, I am unable to operate on the same level as large commercial yoga studios. Additionally, class numbers are capped at 13 and you will receive more personalised attention if you are open to it. I am grateful for your full understanding.

1] 1 Class Pass: $30 Valid for a single session at time of purchase

2] 3 Class Pass: $80   Valid for 5 weeks from date of purchase

3] 5 Class Pass: $125 Valid for 7 weeks from date of purchase

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