Dynamic Hatha Yoga Casual Class

In deep SAVASANA for a while. Classess resume again soon!

Online Dynamic Hatha Yoga
Thursday 6:15pm – 7:45pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Classes are held at Mana Health
130 Plenty Rd, Preston
This class is open to anybody that is interested in exploring various aspects of yoga, from body postures to meditation and chanting.
You will receive experienced teaching that will guide you to become intimate with your energy state and to adjust your practice accordingly. That’s why on any given week, my teaching style can be either dynamic or completely restorative. My intention for this class is to nurture a community of students who are sincere in learning more about yoga and deepening both their asana and spiritual practice.


We always begin the class with a meditation practice and chanting scared mantras and prayers and sometimes explore kriya yoga. We delve into all types of asana including, inversions, backbends and balancing poses and I always offer variation to make space for your individual body type, ability, and energy state.
If you are new to this class and would like to try it out, I offer the first class free. To claim this offer, please contact me directly here

Payment Options

Please carefully choose your option as I offer limited refunds and do not offer extensions. When choosing a 3 or 5 class pass please note that the valid date starts from the time of the first booking and not the purchase date.

If your life/work/family commitments are unpredictable and vary, then please choose the single session option.

I am deeply committed to the yogic path and an experienced yoga teacher and trainer. As a small business owner, I am unable to operate on the same level as large commercial yoga studios. Additionally, class numbers are capped at 13 and you will receive more personalised attention if you are open to it. I am grateful for your full understanding.

1] 1 Class Pass: $30 Valid for a single session at time of purchase ($25 while it’s online during Melbourne lockdown)

2] 3 Class Pass: $80   Valid for 5 weeks from date of purchase

3] 5 Class Pass: $125 Valid for 7 weeks from date of purchase

Terms & Conditions