Yoga Teacher Training

Training Dates 2020

Training dates for late 2020 will be posted soon! At this stage, the next training will begin in August or September 2020.

To receive a prospectus with more detailed information, please email me here.

Yogahari Yoga Teacher Training  350-hours, lays the foundations for how to approach the practice of yoga, both as a teacher and as a lifelong student. It has not been developed to promote a certain style, method or brand of yoga, because what I will be teaching is not a particular innovation of mine, nor is it from one particular tradition. It is a culmination of personal practice and teaching, treading this path for twenty-five years and learning from various teachers and traditions. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to apply for registration as a Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia and call yourself a Hatha Yoga Teacher. Yogahari Yoga Teacher training is a 350 Hrs registered tecaher training course with Yoga Australia.

I was once a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, so my style of practice and teaching is somewhat informed by this method- both asana and pranayama, by not limited to it. My work is informed by teachers like Doug Kellar, Donna Farhi and trauma sensitive yoga.

The yoga traditions, view teachings and philosophy that I am deeply connected to is classical non-dual Tantra. You will be learning foundational view teachings and philosophy from this tradition as well as sublime meditation practices, that you will be able to embody and finally be able to teach.

Yogahari Yoga Teacher Training incorporates a methodology and modes of enquiry, providing certain steps and elements that can be included in your teaching, rather than following a strict set of definitive techniques and beliefs. This allows for your teaching to remain flexible and open to growth and experience. It promotes the equal importance of both the inner and outer practices of yoga. Below are the pillars of this approach.

Pillar One: Outer Practices of yoga- asana, pranayama and chanting.
Pillar Two: Inner Practices of yoga- chanting, visualisation, meditation, bhavana including view teachings., and committed self-reflection.

Topics Covered
  • The History of yoga
  • What is yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy- Tantra and Sankya and the importance of view teachings
  • The Energy Body: yogic physiology and anatomy, nadis, chakras, prana vayus
  • Human Anatomy & Asana
  • Meditation- practices from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Pranayama
  • Mantra/Chanting
  • Bhavana: contemplation
  • How to run an 8-week Beginners Course and teaching yoga to beginners
  • The Sacred Art of Teaching Yoga
  • The Art of Adjusting
  • Yoga for Women’s Health
  • Trauma Aware Yoga
  • Reflective Practice
  • Six day Immersion
  • Monthly weekends (Sat & Sun). This will include one session per month where we will all be doing our own personal practice- including me, and during which, we will be available to each other (student and teacher) to guide, assist and adjust each other
  • Three individual mentoring sessions
  • Personal Home practice
  • Assisting in teacher trainers yoga classes
  • Assessments: This will include a personal practice session, where your personal practice will be assessed, one teaching session- including asana and one pranayama practice, personal reflection practices and one written assessment on how to structure a beginners course